Summer 2015:

01/05/2015 - ca. 18/10/2015

Winter 2015/2016:

28/11/2015 - 30/04/2016

Summer 2016:

01/05/2016 - ca. 16/10/2016

Tips & Excursions

Engadin St. Moritz Mountains

In the summer, the Engadine’s mountain railways make innumerable hikes accessible. In the winter, the Engadine’s mountain railways transport you to nine skiing areas in Switzerland’s largest ski region and the 180 km (122 mile) long cross-country trail meet every need of cross-country skiers.

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The Swiss National Park

With 169 km2, the Swiss National Park is the largest protected area in Switzerland. The national park is famous for its diversity of mountain animals and its natural landscape. It is visited by about 150,000 nature lovers annually.

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Engadin Golf

The highest-altitude 18-hole golf course in Europe in Samedan or the new 18-hole golf course in Zuoz offer everything a golfer’s heart desires.

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Engadin Bath Scuol

The Engadine Baths in Scuol are open seven days a week. The Roman-Irish bath is also located here, the first bath of its kind in Switzerland. In the  Roman-Irish bath, two traditional European bathing cultures are united in one relaxing ritual.

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Bregaglia is the sunroom of the canton of Grisons. Wild, romantic and full of possible excursions and hikes, the Bregaglia valley already has summer weather in March and April thanks to its southerly location.

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The Valposchiavo is a valley neighboring the Engadine to the south. Everything for guests is authentic and reflects the valley’s traditional culture. The quality of the products and services offered in the Valposchiavo is guaranteed by local agricultural and artisan products, and a long tradition of hospitality.

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Just after the Maloja Pass, the road winds down to Bergell and on to Chiavenna (Italy). The attractive market town lies on the fork of the Maloja and Splügen Passes. Savour an Italian ice-cream and the warm southern ambiance of the old town.

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Val Müstair

The Ofen Pass road leads through the middle of the thick forests in the Swiss National Park to Val Müstair. This southern valley exudes an air of peace and tranquillity and the St. Johann Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage, is a magnet for visitors. Mild temperatures and old, unspoilt village centres are added attractions.

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