Summer 2015:

01/05/2015 - ca. 18/10/2015

Winter 2015/2016:

28/11/2015 - 30/04/2016

Summer 2016:

01/05/2016 - ca. 16/10/2016

Duration: 2:14 min

Of course many conference centres exist. But do you know of a single one that lies at the foot of a glacier?

Duration: 2:34 min

Pontresina is located in the highest-altitude valley that branches off from the Upper Engadine.

Duration: 2:21 min

In summer, 580 kilometres of hiking and 400 km of biking trails run through and around Pontresina, before an imposing alpine panorama.

Duration: 2:18 min

Pontresina is well known for its spectacularly events like pop concerts, comedy shows, classic symphonies and sport happenings.

Duration: 2:44 min

Pontresina has a great range of culinary delights to offer the epicure. From gourmet restaurant to the typical, rustic "Bünderstube".

Engadin St. Moritz
Duration: 5:07 min

Engadin St. Moritz: Scenery almost too good to be true The snow-covered lake plateau, the wide-open expanses between the majestic peaks, the magical light: the Engadin St. Moritz region is generous with its charms.

Duration: 2:54 min

Engadin St. Moritz: Scenery almost too good to be true These mountains, these lakes, this light!