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we guarantee the best
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If you find a lower price on any other website on the same booking day, we will be happy to adjust the price in your favor.

Our Best Price Guarantee comes into effect, if the following conditions for the price comparison are met:

  • The same type of accommodation (with / without breakfast)
  • The same room type
  • The same reservation period / length of stay
  • The same number of guests per room
  • The same terms and conditions / same cancellation policy
Best price guarantee

Massages & Treatments

Say goodbye to tension and knots. Our expert massage team provide the ultimate in well-being.

Please telephone reception on 081 839 36 36 to make your reservation. Please understand that we can’t always fulfil appointment and massage requests at short notice. But the earlier you book, the more likely we can meet your requests!

While we do our best to fulfil your appointment requests, please understand that a seven-day service isn’t always available.

If you are unable to make your appointment, please let us know in good time so that we may offer the slot to another guest. To avoid being invoiced for the time, please let us know if you are unable to make the appointment at least 24 hours in advance. Many thanks.  

Please inform us at the start of your visit of any possible medical issues such as high blood pressure, heart disease, metabolic disorders, allergies, pregnancy or recent operation. We will take this information into account in our recommendations.

Each SPA is as unique as the people that visit them. International SPA couture comes with a freshly showered note. A bathrobe and bath slippers are all you need for your SPA visit. On request, we would be happy to supply disposable briefs.

Classic full-body massage & partial massage

This massage is a local, mechanical, well-balanced therapy for musculature and skin, used for healing purposes. It also has a long-lasting, all-over effect on your entire body.

Sport Massage

Calms overstimulated muscles, regulates circulation and prevents muscle ache. And then there’s the relaxing, soothing effect, of course. Perfect for when you’d prefer a more vigorous massage.

Foot Reflexology Massage

The foot reflexology massage uses reflex zones to support, relax and harmonise your entire body. It helps reduce stress, aids healing processes and helps your body stay healthy. It also has a balancing effect on the body’s hyperfunctions and hypofunctions.

Tuesdays only.

Aroma Massage

A soothing full-body massage with high-quality natural creams, lotions and oils. The massage for body and soul.

Foot care/Pedicure

Wellness for your feet! Regular care is important for "normal" and for so-called problem feet. Well-groomed feet not only look beautiful, but healthy feet also make a decisive contribution to your well-being. Our feet are exposed to many stresses and strains every day: long walks, standing, etc.

Bookable at Fausta Pinggera, on request

Spine Base Comensation WBA and Swing Pillow Therapy

In the swinging cushion therapy, a possible pelvic obliquity at the base of the spine is compensated for
first. Then the pleasant and relaxing swinging follows, whereby the patient lies on the pillow in prone
position. These vibrations relieve the intervertebral discs, stretch and mobilise the entire back. This is followed by a classic back massage.

Bookable at Raffaele Greco, at least 48 hours before the date

Manual Theraphy

In manual therapy, the root causes of movement disorders and their symptoms are determined in an interview session and ensuing comprehensive manual therapy. This forms the basis for the treatment. As well as the usual physiotherapeutic methods, this treatment uses passive joint mobilisation on the extremities and the spine. A follow-up evaluation after each treatment allows the therapist to constantly assess conditions and adjust the treatment if required.

On request and subject to availability.


Rico Baur
With his outstanding expert knowledge and years of experience, he is highly valued by all.

Marion Frommelt
Born in Pontresina, this mother of three is a sport and ski teacher who brings her knowledge of massage as well as manual therapy to her work.

Raffaele GrecoIn Pontresina he discovered his passion as a health masseur and fitness instructor. Not only in the area of body and movement, but also in various sports, he is at your and our team's disposal with advice and support.


Treatment Duration CHF
Classic partial massage 25 minutes 60.–
Classic full body massage 50 minutes 110.–
Sport massage 25 minutes 60.–
Sport massage 50 minutes 110.–
Foot reflexology 25 minutes 65.–
Foot reflexology 50 minutes 115.–
Aroma massage 50 minutes 120.–
Foot care/Pedicure 50-60 minutes 80.–
Spine Base Comensation WBA 50 minutes 120.–
Manual theraphy 50 minutes 120.–